When Is It Time to Get Your Hearing Checked?

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When Is It Time to Get Your Hearing Checked?

Hearing is perhaps the most undervalued of the five senses. People only realize its importance when they start losing it. One should take care of their hearing as they do of other health factors because it is equally central for maintaining the quality of life.

Most people don’t know how to go about their ear and hearing health. This post will help all those folks. Here, we will guide when a person should get their hearing tested by professionals.

Every Healthy Adult Should Get Their Hearing Tested Once a Decade

It is a general belief that one should only go to otolaryngologists or audiologists when they start experiencing hearing loss. However, that’s not the case. People above 20 should get their hearing tested once a decade and people above 50 should get it done every three years. This testing history will come in handy in getting the right hearing treatment in old age.

A Continuous Buzzing or Whistling Sound

If you are hearing normal but there is a constant buzzing or whistling sound in your ears, you need to schedule an appointment with any seasoned audiologist or reputable hearing center. This might be due to tinnitus that can aggravate into severe hearing loss.

Asking People to Repeat What They Have Said

If you can’t catch up with people for the first time during conversations despite no extraordinary ambient noise, it is also a sign that something might be wrong with your hearing.

Need to Turn the Television and Stereo Volume Up

The default volume setting of television and car stereo is good enough for healthy ears. So, if you have to turn up the volume a bit high than the default, it indicates that you are struggling to hear.

Missing Everyday Sounds

If you have started missing phone ringtones, doorbells, alarms, notification beeps, and other everyday sounds, it also points that you may have trouble hearing lower decibel sounds.

If Listening Has Started Exhausting You

If you have started feeling drained after talking to someone or listening to anything (dialogues in a movie, a podcast on your car stereo, etc), it indicates that you have to make an effort to hear.

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