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Victoria Hearing Center

Victoria Hearing Center has been providing quality hearing care to Victoria and the surrounding communities for over 40 years. Our staff consists of 2 audiologists with a doctorate degree in audiology, 1 licensed hearing aid assistant and a qualified support staff.  We specialize in the evaluation of hearing loss and its treatments and are experts at helping you choose the best hearing aid to fit your individual needs. We are committed to providing you with the best possible hearing solution, thus allowing you to enjoy the benefits of optimal hearing.

Our team of hearing health specialists have a reputation for always having the latest technology available in today’s market. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our patients by diagnosing your hearing problem with the accuracy that allows us to recommend the best solutions possible. If you want the best care for your hearing difficulties, then come to Victoria Hearing Center. We provide highly qualified care to all our patients. Our professional audiology staff is the best in the business and we care about your hearing health!

Victoria ENT & Allergy Associates

Victoria Ear, Nose and Throat was established in August of 1977 by Dr. Cashell Donahoe and Dr. William Sage. In 1984 we moved to our current location of 117 Medical Drive. Dr. Daryl Bickford joined the group in 1981 followed by Dr. Joseph Hoang in 1998. We are now pleased to announce the association of Dr. Herman Leong who joined September 2010.

We are committed to providing our patients with exceptional medical care by giving consideration to your individual needs and developing treatment plans accordingly. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel a part of our family and that your experience in our office is one that is handled with the utmost of care, respect and concern.

Our otolaryngologists offer a variety of services which include but are not limited to dizziness, hearing loss/problems, sinus infections, ear infections, hoarseness and other related issues of the ears, nose and throat.

Our team of hearing professionals include 1 doctor of audiology, Marlene Hennessey, and one Licensed Hearing Aid Assistant, Janet Cash. They assist our patient with hearing aids as well as other hearing related assessments and needs.



Why Victoria Hearing Center?

Victoria Hearing Center was established in 1979 by the physicians of Victoria ENT & Allergy Associates in order to provide hearing aid services to the community. Our staff consists of 1 audiologist with a doctorate degree in audiology, 1 licensed hearing aid assistant and a qualified support staff. We are committed to providing you with the best possible hearing solution, thus allowing you to enjoy the benefits of optimal hearing.

1 Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.)
2 Board Certified ENT Physicians
1 Registered Nurse (RN)
3 Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)
3 Medical Assistants

Evaluations for failed school screening
Diagnostic hearing tests
Industrial Screenings
Recall notice 60 days prior to expiration of hearing aid warranty
30 day trial period for new hearing aid purchases
Visual inspection of ears for wax buildup, referral to ENT physician for wax removal if necessary
Custom fit swim, musician, and hunters’ ear protection devices
Offer Bluetooth and wireless technology for TV, phone, etc…
Dri-Aid Kits
Dry & Store Products

Ask our staff about our Patient Loyalty Program
Ask our staff about our Patient Referral Bonus Program

Up to 3 years – Repair, Loss and Damage*

*ask your audiologist for details

YES – FREE loaner aids are programmed and fitted for you if your aids need factory repair or replacement

The price of your hearing aids covers all follow-up visits for clean & check, programming adjustments and in-house basic repairs of aids for the life time of the hearing aid(s).**

Insurance is contacted and verification of available benefits is done. If benefits apply, patients are informed prior to fit and dispense. Claims are submitted. Staff is available to answer any questions that may arise.

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Care Credit and Phonak Freedom Leasing Program.

6 month supply of batteries FREE with up front purchase of hearing aids technology that requires batteries.

NO FEES for programming, dispensing, return office visits or clean and check for the lifetime of hearing aid(s).

For aids purchased from another provider – annual adoption contract or single visit options available to include repairs, cleaning, checking and programming. Programming option is dictated by the brand of aid needing service.
Repair service is available for most brands of hearing aids that are out of warranty. We will work with the manufacturer on your behalf for repairs.
Ear Molds are subject to additional service fees
*ask your Audiologist for details

**”life of your aids” is generally 4-6 years before changes in technology & materials make repairs ineffective.

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