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Millions and millions live their lives disconnected from the people they love and the things they were once so passionate about. All because they can’t hear well. It doesn’t have to be that way. We refuse to accept it. And we know we can make a difference.

We appreciate how life-changing restoring someone’s hearing can be. We’ve heard it with our own ears from men and women, children and the elderly, whose lives we’ve helped change for the better. But we are naturally restless and unsatisfied. Why? Because we believe we can do more, do better, for everyone with hearing loss.

In fact, we make this pledge, this promise: we will not rest until wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses. After all, why should it be any different?

Together with our partners, hearing care professionals around the world, we are fully committed to fighting the stigma attached to hearing loss, to tearing down barriers for the hearing-impaired and to finding new and innovative ways to help everyone reconnect to the beauty of sound. 

Phonic Audeo Lumity hearing aids

Being able to fully participate in conversations is like a spark of light in the dark. This is where Phonak Audéo Lumity really shines. Lumity has been trained with artificial intelligence-based machine learning to accurately identify a sound environment. It perfectly orchestrates the numerous comfort and speech understanding features in Lumity to adapt to your personal environment. Enjoy the benefits that this technology brings to you and your loved ones.

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Phonak hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

The hearing aid with powerful, rich sound featuring hands-free calls, Bluetooth® streaming and maximum reliability.

Enjoy better speech understanding in noise and over distance with Roger, and less listening effort in noise. Be amazed at how reliably your hearing aids deliver the power needed to manage your hearing loss.

– Connects to smartphones, TV and more
– Reliable

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Phonak hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

CROS transmits sound and voices from one side to the other, so your hearing ear can hear for both ears.  When CROS P is fit with a Phonak Audéo™ Paradise hearing aid, it helps people with unilateral hearing loss to hear speech clearly and follow conversations from all directions.¹*

  • Follow conversations in quiet and noisy surroundings without having to reposition yourself
  • Hear speech from the side with hearing loss better even when in noise
  • Gain greater awareness of sounds from the side with hearing loss


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Phonak hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

Virto Paradise is custom made to fit the exact shape of your ears, with unrivaled* sound quality for your everyday listening needs. Plus, Phonak Virto P-312 provides universal connectivity which allows you to seamlessly stream audio content from numerous Bluetooth® enabled devices.¹

  • Fits your exact ear shape 
  • Provides brilliant speech understanding 
  • Offers crisp natural sound 

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Phonak hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

The Sky Marvel family gives children with hearing loss access to clear, rich sound, helping them to thrive and engage with the world around them.

  • Hearing aids for kids
  • Comfortable and safe to wear all day
  • Tamperproof earhook and battery door, and rechargeable battery option
  • Personalizable mix and match colors
  • Connects directly to smartphones, Bluetooth® enabled devices, and Roger
  • Compatible with myPhonak Junior app


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ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing solutions that combine original thinking and design with solid technology – all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users.

ReSound Hearing Aids: An Impressive Heritage

With roots that reach all the way back to 1943, ReSound has been responsible for a number of hearing industry firsts: WDRC [Wide Dynamic Range Compression] broke new ground for sound processing. DFS [Digital Feedback Suppression] was the first system to effectively eliminate howling and sound distortion.

The world’s first open-standard digital chip set a new standard for flexibility in programming. And the introduction of ReSound AIR signaled the creation of an entirely new type of hearing instrument: it provided more natural sound and did away with the discomfort associated with plugging the ear canal.

A Strong Global Brand

ReSound is part of the GN ReSound Group, one of the world’s largest providers of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiological instrumentation.

ReSound is represented in more than 80 countries. We draw on a vast pool of resources at technology centers around the world, where researchers work to apply technology to real human situations.

ReSound Omnia hearing aids Life is full of details and conversations around you that enrich everyday moments, but can you hear them through the other sounds? Now you can with ReSound OMNIA™ which is made for hearing in noise. Greater than ever, enabling you to hear speech in noise in any direction*. It all sounds and feels natural and connects you naturally to the world.  The world can be noisy, with lots of sounds rivalling for your attention. Wouldn’t it be a relief to naturally listen to the conversations and situations you want to, all around you, even in noise? Now you can. The Resound Omnia family:
  • Mini RIE
  • RIE
  • Custom
*Compared to our legacy technology 

ReSound Key hearing aids

Hear with confidence

Our hearing is vital for connecting us to the world and to one another. Enrich your senses again with life’s sounds – we have made your path to better hearing as easy as possible.

Introducing ReSound Key™, hearing aids designed to work comfortably and reliably with your own ears for truly great hearing. They give you the confidence and guidance to grow with your experiences and hear your best every day.

Our natural approach to sound

The inspiration for all our hearing solutions comes from how we hear and interact naturally with the world around us. That is why all ReSound hearing aids are built on our unique Organic Hearing philosophy, which emulates the natural hearing experience as closely as possible.

True clarity

Fully join in conversations with the clear sound quality of ReSound Key. Knowing that you can talk and hear easily gives a welcome confidence boost.

ReSound hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

Introducing smart super power hearing.

Benefits of ReSound ENZO™

ReSound ENZO™ brings smart hearing technology to people with severe and profound hearing loss for the first time.

In fact, it’s the most powerful super power hearing aid available today. With top-rated sound quality, a durable design and more ways to connect to your world, it’s a hearing experience like no other. And, it’s the only Made for iPhone super power hearing aid, which means you can connect to the sounds that matter most to you through direct stereo sound streamed from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, without any intermediary device. And it means discreetly adjusting your settings directly from your smartphone, matching your sound to your experiences without drawing attention to your hearing aids.

All through the world’s most powerful and advanced super power hearing aid.

ReSound Nexia hearing aids

Next era hearing is smaller than ever. Uncompromised. Top rated for hearing in noise. It has everything you need to hear your best in any situation. Jump back into socializing and re-join conversations. Stream calls from your mobile compatible devices to your hearing aids – just double tap* on your ear or your hearing aids to answer the call.

*With the micro RIE model Nexia hearing aids



People First is our promise to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively.

Oticon was founded on a compassion for people — and a deep understanding of the role that hearing plays in living a richer and fuller life. More than a century later, compassion continues to guide our innovation and drive our business through the unique corporate structure that guides Oticon.

Instead of a typical corporate board of directors, Oticon is controlled by the Oticon Foundation, a charitable organization with a mandate both to grow our business and to help people with hearing loss. Our built-in commitment to compassionate innovation directs our industry-leading research in hearing technology, psychoacoustics and human behavior. And it’s what makes an Oticon hearing instrument unique in its ability to help you live the life you want to live.

Oticon hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Oticon Real gives your brain access to the sounds of the real world via a unique on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). This built-in intelligence recognizes all types of sounds, how they should ideally sound, and instantly adapts to changes, helping you remain focused, engaged and sharp.

On top of groundbreaking hearing innovation, Oticon Real offers more to match your lifestyle:

  • Seamless connectivity to all your favorite devices
  • Choice of 2 chargers so you can charge at home or on-the-go
  • Enjoy high-quality streaming from iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, and select Android™ devices†
  • Rechargeable and disposable battery options
  • Available in 9 colors including new olive green


Oticon hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because no two ears are the same. Introducing new Oticon Own – a discreet in-the-ear hearing aid developed for ultimate discreetness, superior sound quality and optimal comfort- customized entirely for you. Oticon Own is the world’s first in-the-ear hearing aid that works more like the brain because it learned through experience.*

*DNN is only available in Oticon Own 1, 2, and 3.

Oticon hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

Celebrate life all around you

It’s time to start socializing and celebrating a life filled with sound. Thanks to life-changing BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Zircon delivers 360° speech and clear sound from all directions, even when in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love.

Open up to the full sound scene with OpenSound Navigator

OpenSound Navigator* is Oticon’s powerful processing technology at the heart of the open sound experience, and delivers life-changing benefits in hearing aids at the essential level for the first time ever. Building on Oticon’s BrainHearing philosophy, Oticon Zircon balances sound from all directions and keeps speech clear, letting you comfortably locate and focus on what you want to hear. OpenSound Navigator can reduce unwanted noise — even between words. Working at ultrafast speed, it continually rebalances your sound environment while still providing constant access to all relevant sounds and speech. OpenSound Navigator: The split-second key to an open sound experience in three easy steps:
  1. Analyze: Scans the full 360° sound environment more than 500 times per second to identify noise and separate it from speech
  2. Balance: Rapidly reduces the levels of loud noise coming from specific directions, while preserving speech
  3. Noise Removal: Rapidly reduces noise, even between individual words
*OpenSound Navigator is only available in Oticon Zircon 1

Oticon hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX

Oticon CROS is the world’s first CROS/BiCROS solution with OpenSound Navigator™ and TwinLink dual-streaming technology. Powered by Velox S™ Oticon CROS is compatible with Oticon’s premium product families.

A revolutionary 360° sound experience for single-sided deafness Imagine sitting in an important meeting and not being able to pinpoint who is talking. Or having to choose between hearing the TV at a party for a sporting event versus talking with other guests. If you have single-sided deafness, a condition where there is significant or total hearing loss in one ear, you face challenges like these every day. Introducing Oticon CROS, a solution designed specifically to help you overcome challenges like these.

Oticon hearing aids Port Lavaca, TX
Scope of Use: ecom-configuration, TopShellColor: Purple, ProductBrand: Oticon, VolumeControl: Yes, Directional: Yes, BatterySize: 312+, EarpieceConnectorType: Speaker Unit, EarpieceAdaptorType: N/A, EarpieceType: Dome, EarpieceVent: Perceived Open Dome Vent, NearlinkRadio: NL4, LED: Bi Color, WirelessNearlink: NL1, ControlWheel: No, FlexMouldShellColor: N/A, PushButton: Double, Telecoil: Yes, ProductFamily: Play PX, Style: MiniRITE T RC, EarpieceVentType: Open Vent, FaceplateColor: N/A, FittingLevel: 60, EarSideFitted: Left, BaseShellColor: N/A, CustomShellColor: N/A, DrawerOrientation: Vertical, WirelessRF: Yes, ProductModel: Play PX 1, PowerMouldShellColor: N/A, DomeType: OpenBass dome, LiteTipMaterialTexture: N/A, MicroMouldMaterialTexture: N/A, MicroMouldShellColor: N/A, MicroShellShellColor: N/A

Children are adventurous. Always looking for new experiences. Experiences filled with sounds, conversations, interactions – elements vital to children’s growth. Designed specifically with children in mind, Oticon Play PX is the world’s first pediatric hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural network (DNN) that learned the same way children learn – through experience. Play PX utilizes life-changing technology to make sure children with hearing loss have access to important sounds in their environment to help them unleash the magic of childhood.

Consider Leasing Your Hearing Aids

ntroducing a new powerful financing option allowing patients the flexibility to pay monthly. The world is changing and purchasing products outright limits access to the latest technologies.

Online Hearing Screener

Sometimes it’s difficult to know the magnitude of your hearing loss, or if you have hearing loss at all. We’ve provided the following test to help you get answers.