How Cold Weather Affects Your Hearing Aids

How Cold Weather Affects Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology has evolved tremendously over recent years, but there are still environmental factors that can impact your hearing aids’ performance. To keep them functional and reliable for as long as possible, it helps to know how the weather affects your hearing aids. While most hearing aids made today can resist cold temperatures, you should still use extra caution when caring for your hearing aids during the winter.

Batteries Drain Faster in the Cold

Most modern hearing aids feature zinc-air batteries, and the cold air is known to drain these batteries faster than usual. You probably have a good idea of how long your hearing aids’ batteries last during mild weather but remember the cold season can shorten battery life and prepare accordingly. It’s a good idea to travel with a spare set of batteries just in case yours lose their charge faster than usual while you’re out and about in the cold.

Avoid Condensation Buildup

Your batteries draining faster is not the only risk you face this winter when it comes to your hearing aids. Frequent temperature changes, such as going from inside your warm home to outside in the cold air and back inside again, can cause condensation to form on many surfaces, including your hearing aid’s battery compartment. Take time each day to inspect your hearing aid’s battery compartment for condensation and wipe it out to prevent battery corrosion.

Wear Breathable Headgear

You might need to bundle up with hats, earmuffs, and scarves before going outside during the winter. If you do, make sure whatever you wear is breathable. This is especially true for anything that covers your ears and hearing aids. The close warmth from tight-knit materials can cause condensation to accumulate faster than usual.

Give Your Hearing Aids a Break

It’s a good idea to take your hearing aids out when you come in from the cold, at least for a little while. The different temperatures from your body heat and the warm air inside your home can be a shock after spending time outside in the cold and taking out your hearing aids allows the temperature to equalize while minimizing condensation.

Take care with your hearing aids to ensure they last as long as possible and provide you with the functionality you expect all year round.