5 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist

5 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist

Consider this list of questions when speaking to your audiologist for the first time to make the most of your experience.

You probably have a few pressing questions in mind for your first visit with an audiologist, but there could be other information you need as well. As a first-time patient considering treatment for hearing loss, everything is new to you. The questions you ask your audiologist can inform your next decisions. It’s important to come to your first appointment prepared and ready to make the most of your experience. Consider this list of questions when speaking to your audiologist for the first time.

What Kind of Hearing Loss Do I Have?
Audiologists might use a variety of complex terms to describe hearing problems or loss – for example, they might discuss your hearing loss in terms of severity (mild, moderate, severe, profound), as well as describe its origin (sensorineural, neuropathy, conductive, etc.). Make sure you understand all these terms and ask your audiologist to explain anything with which you’re unfamiliar. This will better equip you to discuss possible solutions and understand your options.

Will My Hearing Get Worse?
Hearing loss can be progressive, but it can also occur as the result of an isolated event. It’s important to understand the type of hearing loss you have so you can better prepare for the future.

Do I Need to See an ENT?
Hearing loss may be a natural result of aging or another process, but it might have an underlying medical reason. If your hearing loss would benefit from surgery or a medical procedure, your audiologist might suggest that you see an ENT for surgical or pharmacological intervention. Your audiologist should be able to explain if you need to see an audiologist – or why it’s not necessary.

What Kind of Hearing Aids Do I Need?
Many different types of hearing aids exist, all designed for different types of hearing loss and a patient’s other needs. The more information you can provide your audiologist about the symptoms you’re experiencing, the better. This will better equip them to fit you with hearing aids that fit your degree and type of hearing loss, as well as your lifestyle.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?
Hearing aids can have a wide range of costs, and you may have coverage for them under insurance, a health savings account, or other options. An audiologist can help explain the different options available, their costs, and whether your insurance plan will cover them.

Preparing for your appointment will help you make the most of your time with us. Know which questions to ask and make the most of your upcoming appointment at Victoria Hearing Center.