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News From Our Team

Hear Better in 2017

Did you find yourself asking your family to repeat themselves over the holidays? Did the parties sound more like faint noise than fun? You don’t have to settle for less-than-stellar hearing. There are options for people who are tired of saying, “What was that?”

How to Choose an Audiologist

Audiologists provide valuable services to hearing loss patients, so selecting one whom you trust and can work well with is essential. Before choosing your hearing care provider, consider these tips to help you find the best provider in your area...

The Future of Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology is much more sophisticated than it was just a few years ago - and hearing aids, like those from ReSound, just keep getting better!

Making the Most of Traveling with Hearing Loss

​For many people, summer means vacations and travel. But if you suffer from hearing loss, it could also mean stress and difficulty while traveling. Hearing loss can make many parts of normal travel more difficult.

Best of The Best

Victoria Hearing Center wins "Best of the Best" Award

When Should I Get New Hearing Aids

What factors should influence the decision to get new hearing aids?

It's Hunting Season

How damaging is hunting to your hearing?

Simple Ways to Protect Your Hearing

These 5 simple tips give you practical ways to protect your hearing

Meet our Audiologists | Victoria Texas Hearing Professionals

Victoria Hearing Center has a wonderful staff, professional staff. Our hearing aid specialists have been serving Victoria Texas and the surrounding communities for over 30 years!

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